Urban PAWtners

Urban PAWtners is a program we have dedicated to shelters and rescue groups. It is designed to empower these organizations with resources that they can leverage to drive their missions forward.  

We understand often times the biggest challenge rescue groups and shelters are faced with is fundraising. That is why we have created a variety of initiatives to help organizations raise funds to extend their efforts. 

  • Donor Incentives: Urban Paw would love to help boost your next fundraising campaign by offering an incentive to donors. For example, if you have a match campaign or a monthly donor drive during a specified time frame, Urban Paw can offer a 30% discount to all donors who participate in the fundraiser. 
  • Adoption Event Promotion: Hosting a large adoption event? Urban Paw can provide a coupon to be given to adopters that includes a discount code for 15% off their next purchase as well as donates 15% back to your organization. This a great perk to add to new adoption packets/gift bags and to help new pet owners shop for pet supplies at a discounted rate all while giving back to you!
  • Save a Life Give-Back: Through a unique shopping code, your organization receives 40% of referred sales and your followers receive a 10% discount for three weeks. See below for more details.

Here's How It Works:
    1. Register to become an Urban PAWtner (must be a 501c(3) rescue organization or pet shelter) by contacting us via the form below.
    2. Once qualified, we’ll send you a unique  code (used to track your sales) as well as a marketing kit (including social media resources)
    3. Start promoting sales! We donate to your organization 40% of sales that are completed by anyone who uses your unique code for purchases made on our website for three weeks. This code will also provide your supporters with a 10% discount.
    • Thereafter, your supporters will receive 15% off all purchases for the next year!

    Give Back FAQs

    Can you give an example of how the program works?

    Let’s say Fido Rescue decides they want to participate in Urban PAWtners. Once they register with us, we give them a unique code (FIDO111) and a marketing kit. Fido might then post to their social media accounts using one of our digital banners in the marketing kit, encouraging their supporters to go to our website and make a purchase using their FIDO111 code. Mary, a facebook supporter of Fido, might see the social media post on facebook. She then goes to our website where she orders  $100 worth of product, and at checkout she enters the code FIDO111. Fido will receive 40% of this sale ($40) if it is within the three weeks of being registered. Thereafter, Fido supporters will receive a 15% discount on all purchases for the next year when they use the  FIDO111 code at checkout.

    Are there any limits on the amount of funds that can be raised?
    Nope. It is all a function of how much sales are made with your code, the more sales, the more funds for you.


    Are there any limitations on who can use a code?
    No, you get a percentage of sales that are placed by anyone who uses your  code at checkout on our website, whether you know them or not.

    When will the donation be received?
    The donation will be sent within two weeks after the campaign has ended.

    How are funds sent to us?
    Either a check is mailed or payment is sent electronically.

    What does the marketing kit include?
    Banners and images for social media use, flyers for print out, and marketing suggestions.

    Is there an expiration date?
    Your code will be active for 3 weeks.

    Will there be other opportunities to benefit from the Urban PAWtners program after the three week period?
    Yes. This is a brand new and evolving program. We will continue to develop initiatives that benefit all our Urban PAWtners.


    Interested in becoming an Urban PAWtner? Just enter your organization name, website, and contact details in the below form and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly!


    Our PAWtners


    PAWtner Testmonials 

    "As a fairly well-known cat rescue, we get fundraising solicitations all the time. We've found that we're happiest doing this with companies like Urban Paw that share our values and vision. We've heard nothing but glowing praise for Urban Paw beds! We also were delightfully surprised to learn that some of our supporters actually wanted to buy beds and ship them to us directly ~ requests that were handled smoothly by Urban Paw. We're completely thrilled with this promotion and with Urban Paw!" 
                        - Harvie Schreiber, The Cat House on The Kings

    "My experience with The Urban PAWtners program has been nothing but positive from the beginning!  Their response to my inquiry was fast and the program was up and running shortly thereafter."
    - Lily Goldstein, Georgia Jack Russell Rescue