The world's first high-performance, easy-to-maintain pet mattress. 

Designed to provide your furry friend with optimal comfort and relief.  
Featuring unparalleled functionality that simplifies your life and provides your pet with an exceptional sleep experience.


Maximum Durability Made from specially-engineered everlasting materials that withstand the test of time
Revolutionary Comfort and Support innovative mattress technology that contours your pet's body
Incomparable Air-flow & Relief Unique open-cell structure eliminates excessive heat buildup

100% waterproof Won’t be damaged by liquids or accidental messes
odor resistant No more smelly dog beds!
easy to clean Simply rinse, pat, and let it out to dry

zip-off shell for easy maintenance. Machine washable and safe to dry
non-toxic Made from organically inspired materials that are safe for both you and your furry friend
Peace of mind knowing you are doing the best for your pet