Pawduct Tester Takeover

Hi there!

We are the Pawduct Testers here at Urban Paw and we have decided to take over the blog and give you the only reviews and opinions that matter – OURS! We will give you all the inside tips and tricks and show you what happens behind the scenes…and you don’t even have to sneak us any treats. (Even though we would really like some…ya know…if you have any).


We want you to know that not only do we take sleeping very seriously, but we are also the Assistant Shipping Managers! And it’s only “Assistant” because the packing tape gets stuck in our fur. So when you receive your beds, you know they were packed with love! And maybe some slobber…

First order of business: our favorite bed right now. The Luna Ortho Cuddler! We can not get out of it! It’s so plushy and soft and we can each curl up right in it and fall fast asleep. Nobody can wake us up once we are burrowed in there.


Now that that’s taken care of, we want to tell you about our Social Media Rockstars of the month! Everyone meet Mr. Atticus and Ms. Scarlett! They have been posting so many funny pictures in our beds; we really love looking at all of them. Be sure to follow them at – we know you’ll love them, too.


We should probably wrap this up before the human team comes back and sees what we’ve been up to. But first we want to let you know that we are looking for animal shelters and rescues to partner with us! We want to help your organization raise more money for your furbabies! If you’re a registered 501c3 email You can learn more about our fundraising programs here.

And be sure you’re following us on all of our social media channels so you don’t miss any of our awesomeness!

Talk to you soon!


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