July 01, 2016

Pawduct Tester Takeover 2

Hi, Guys, we're back!

We have all kinds of things to fill you in on to wrap up June and kick off July!

We have this awesome limited edition Cabana Collection for the summer. Here's Cali and Marley hanging out in their awesome beds. It comes in a variety of patterns and colors and won't be around after this summer so don't wait too long to pick out your favorite!


We will also be running a special promotion on our Pet Super Mattress this month! This bed is our top of the line, revolutionary bed perfect for EVERYONE! (Even the humans will love it). As always, this bed is made from non-toxic materials but it's also equipped with maximum durability - you can try, but it's going to be hard to destroy this one! It's easy to clean, but it has awesome air flow and is odor resistant to prevent the need for frequent cleanings. One more cool thing about this bed? It's water resistant so you can drool away in your slumber. This bed was made with comfort and support in mind; it conforms to your shape and hugs every curve of your body so that you won't have any more aches and pains, which means more play time with your human!

Keep an eye out on social media for some very special friends to put out the discount code for this awesome bed. 

Did you know that June was National Adopt a Cat Month? We featured some really awesome kitties looking for their forever homes from The Cat House on the Kings cat rescue and, because it's kitten season, they need some help taking care of all the kittens they've rescued this summer! So far they've already taken 675 kittens and 233 cats, most of which were neglected, injured, malnourished...just not in good shape, you know? The care of these kitties requires a lot of money; money for litter, food, vaccines, surgeries, spay and neuters, and other types of medical help and every day necessities they may need. 

The Cat House on the Kings rescue is trying to raise $25 per kitty. Every dollar counts, just like every kitty life counts! If you can help at all, even a buck or two, you can donate online or mail a check to: 
The Cat House on the Kings
7120 S. Kings River Rd
Parlier, CA 93648 

On behalf of the kitties, thank you for your support! 

June 24 was also National Take Your Dog to Work Day! Did you participate in our contest? We hosted a photo contest on our Instagram account, asking you to post your photos of your furry friends working hard! We are happy to announce that the winner of our #DogsOnTheClock contest is Amy Kolleth! It was a close call, only a couple of "likes" more than the other entries, so way to go on getting those "likes," guys! Congrats, Amy on a $50 gift certificate for a new bed! 


Finally, it is with a heavy heart that we announce one of our family members, one of our own PAWduct Testers, Kudo, has crossed the rainbow bridge. Kudo lived a long, fun-filled life and spent his last days surrounded by the love of the Urban Paw family. We will miss you, Kudo. 

May 24, 2016

Pawduct Tester Takeover

Hi there!

We are the Pawduct Testers here at Urban Paw and we have decided to take over the blog and give you the only reviews and opinions that matter – OURS! We will give you all the inside tips and tricks and show you what happens behind the scenes…and you don’t even have to sneak us any treats. (Even though we would really like some…ya know…if you have any).


We want you to know that not only do we take sleeping very seriously, but we are also the Assistant Shipping Managers! And it’s only “Assistant” because the packing tape gets stuck in our fur. So when you receive your beds, you know they were packed with love! And maybe some slobber…

First order of business: our favorite bed right now. The Luna Ortho Cuddler! We can not get out of it! It’s so plushy and soft and we can each curl up right in it and fall fast asleep. Nobody can wake us up once we are burrowed in there.


Now that that’s taken care of, we want to tell you about our Social Media Rockstars of the month! Everyone meet Mr. Atticus and Ms. Scarlett! They have been posting so many funny pictures in our beds; we really love looking at all of them. Be sure to follow them at @mr.atticus.ms.scarlett – we know you’ll love them, too.


We should probably wrap this up before the human team comes back and sees what we’ve been up to. But first we want to let you know that we are looking for animal shelters and rescues to partner with us! We want to help your organization raise more money for your furbabies! If you’re a registered 501c3 email  Lena@urbanpawpet.com. You can learn more about our fundraising programs here.

And be sure you’re following us on all of our social media channels so you don’t miss any of our awesomeness!





Talk to you soon!


Urban Paw is an innovative pet products company providing pets with the best sleep possible. From cat huts, cat cuddlers and cat houses to dog mattresses, dog huts and dog houses, Urban Paw offers long lasting pet beds and stylish pet beds for dogs and cats. Affordable pet beds designed for comfort and style, Urban Paw is dedicated to helping cat rescues and dog rescues raise funds and awareness for animals in need.

May 22, 2015

Introducing the Urban PAWduct Testers

At Urban Paw, everyday is bring your pet to work day. But not just to visit and watch their pet parents hard at work. They are contributing team members as well! Kudo, Cali, Marley, Finn and Luna have active rolls as PAWduct testers and models. Each of our PAWduct Testers was a rescue who was once in need of a loving home. Today they are our everyday heroes and we couldn’t imagine a day without them:


Kudo, our gentle 13 year old Pomeranian mix, has been part of the team the longest and he is the quintessential boss man. He is a qualified master product tester and will happily demonstrate the effectiveness of each products deep sleep capability. Kudo is very particular on where he sleeps and his choice is not to be taken lightly. His stamp of approval can be heard in his snoring.



Cali, our timid and affectionate Jack Russell mix, is our most vocal team member. She struts around the office alerting everyone on who is coming and going. Cali may be full of opinions but she is also the best listener.  Her position as our number one model has not totally gone to her cute head. She always seems to know who needs to take a break with some playtime or with some sweet hugs and kisses. Cali is Kudo's little sister.


Finn, our grumpy Siamese mix, is our resident feline tester and sometimes model. He is quite the handsome kitty and quite possibly knows it. Unlike Cali, he may have let his status go to his head. Of course he is a cat and good looking, which may be all the explanation we need. Finn, has no problem letting everyone know how he feels about bedding, paperwork, lunch, the dogs and anything else that does not fit into his schedule.


Luna, our loving domestic shorthair tabby, came to us under the most extraordinary circumstances. Sherry (Urban Paw co-founder) plucked her right off of a CA highway in mid traffic. Luna had some severe injuries and required extensive care in the beginning of her career. Today she is a strong, healthy and happy kitty serves as a product tester, model and Assistant Shipping Manager. Luna is Finn's little sister.



Marley is our play hard, sleep hard mixed breed. Marley is the newest member of the team and has taken on the role of product destruction tester. Yes he can model and nap and chase cats. But it is his superior skill of search and destroy that gets the most attention. He also relentlessly tries to play with Cali, who doesn't want to give him the light of the day, but he can't seem to pick up the signals.