Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Carlee

This week's adoptable pet spotlight is Carlee!

Carlee is a wonderful 6 year old Pitbull Terrier mix with an abundance of love to give! Her foster mom says she constantly craves your affection and will crawl right up into your lap (if you let all 57 pounds of her do so)! She really forms an attachment to her people and loves to be snuggled up next to them. While Carlee likes being around and playing with other dogs, she just needs a patient and slow introduction. She can get a little excited and come on a little strong, so a savvy owner skilled with patience is preferred. 

This bright girl is always eager to learn and already knows many basic commands and tricks! If you have the time to teach her, she would love to show off and learn even more. Because of her past, Carlee has a bit of anxiety when it comes to her crate and actually does much better in an environment where she is free to roam and be around everyone. Hopefully you are the right person to smother her with affection and prove you aren't going anywhere! 

This beautiful adoptable Pitbull loves to go on daily walks, enjoy a long hike and does really well on her leash! Carlee is lovable, smart, loyal, and craves a forever home that will help her with her little bit of insecurities and build up her confidence; who doesn't need a little support every now and then?!

Carlee had a rough past (overbred, tied to a pole and abandoned, and then dumped a shelter for weeks before being pulled), so we would love to find her a home that will literally smother her in love and show her how amazing she is. 

To learn even more about this wonderful girl, check out her full profile on the Chews Life Rescue Website. Be sure to also "like" their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, and never miss a cute photo on their Instagram page. 

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