Be a Hero. Become a Pet Foster.

Not quite ready to commit to adopting a pet? Not sure what size or breed would fit your lifestyle best? Have you ever considered fostering?

A foster is someone that temporarily opens up their home to any animal that is currently living at a shelter or with a rescue group while waiting to be adopted. Fostering is great for all kinds of people. College students and young adults enjoy fostering because it allows them to have the great companionship of a pet, while they may still be unsettled. Retirees may enjoy fostering a pet who is also older because they are calm and just looking for a friend. Military families also make great foster homes as they tend to relocate often and are unable to have a pet long-term. Maybe you want to give your current pet an occasional playmate but can’t afford to adopt a second animal or you’re just looking for a way to help out in the community. Whoever you are, fostering can work with your lifestyle; there are all kinds of animals that need a foster home and would love a warm bed while they wait for their happily-ever-after.

Still unconvinced that fostering is for you? 

Ben, one of the founders of Urban Paw, thought he was way too busy for a dog; he’s young, he travels a lot, he’s a business owner, he enjoys going out with his friends on the weekends. He didn’t see how he could make it work, despite being such an animal lover. When somebody suggested he try out fostering as a way to test the waters, he jumped at the opportunity! As fate would have it, just a short time later a friend sought him out in hopes he would foster a sweet boy named Marley and Ben agreed. In two weeks when his friend told him she had found an adopter for Marley, Ben said, “NO WAY!” He was completely smitten with Marley and they had already created an incredible bond. Suddenly, Ben started hanging out with friends at dog-friendly establishments and finding time to take Marley to the park in the evenings after work and he was happier! He couldn’t imagine giving up Marley and the lifestyle they had already created in those two weeks.

The reward for fostering is enormous. Not only do you get the companionship of a great animal, you help somebody complete their family (maybe it’s your own!) and you get to help an animal who, without you, may not have had a chance. Maybe, like Ben, you are just trying to figure out if adopting a pet is a good fit for you. Whatever your reasons for your interest, visit your local animal shelter today to find out more!